Some Days I Don’t Get Things Done

Some days I don’t get things done.

Before, before and during my pregnancy, my house was was cleaned regularly. I steamed the carpets weekly. Dinner was usually always ready and the dishes were done right after. Laundry was where it was supposed to be, cleaned and put away, and in a timely matter.

Now, some days I don’t get things done. My house at times gets dirty and cluttered. The carpets at times go weeks. Dinner isn’t always ready, in fact usually it’s delivery. When I do cook, the dishes often stack next to the growing pile of bottles until I decide to do them, usually because I need more bottles. Laundry can sit where it is for days at a time, in the washer, dryer, basket, or piled somewhere.

This isn’t because I’m overwhelmed. Some days it’s because I’m tired. But ultimately some days I don’t get things done because I’d rather spend it with my boys.

If there is one thing I know for sure as a mom it’s that the time I have with them will go by faster than I expect it and ultimately, faster than I want it to. I knew it before I gave birth and in the almost 11 weeks I’ve had them it’s only become more true. In 11 weeks so much has happened already, they look like completely different babies than the ones I brought home, and I know as the days go by, only more and more will happen, and more and more will change.

So, while I’m sitting at home not getting things done, I can promise I am actually doing a lot. To start I’m raising my boys. I am feeding them and changing them, doing tummy time, and trying to ensure they are getting enough stimulation. I am also holding them and comforting them while they cry, and they cry a decent amount, especially with two of them.

But ultimately I am loving them and cherishing the time I have with them. I am watching them grow and change, from the tiny little wrinkled old men looking babies I brought home into the beautiful men they will one day become. I am watching them develop personalities and discover the world around them as they become aware of the world around them. I am watching as they figure out what they are capable of as they slowly figure out the world they are becoming aware of and how exactly they fit into it. I am cherishing every smile, every cuddle, and every moment I have with them.

So yes, many days my home is not as together as it was, but for now that is ok. I would rather have a messy home and all the time and memories with my boys than a clean house, only to find once they are grown, that I lack those memories of the time they were young.

Sure as they grow older things will surely go back to normal and I will get things done again, especially when they are in school, but for now some days things just won’t get done. And while my house might not be totally together, the memories I’ll have of them once they are grown and busy will be there. Some days I don’t get things done, but I always create memories to cherish.

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