The Adventures of Recreating Personal Space – part 1

Last night was the first night we moved the boys out of the room. We didn’t put them all the way upstairs in the nursery, but instead kept them in the bassinets in the living room right next to our room. It wasn’t so bad because my partner was home and so he cuddled me and consistently reassured me that they and I would be fine. I could also still hear them fairly well.

However, tonight he is back at work and so here I am all alone in the room again and every part of me wants to bring the boys back in. I want to watch them as I fall asleep. I want to hear them breathe. I want to smell their freshly washed little baby selves.

Every part of me is screaming at me to bring them back and I’m fighting it so hard. Realizing at this point this is more me breaking a habit then them. It’s so rough.

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