I’m pretty sure most moms can agree…

There is nothing more satisfying when your little one is congested (besides them getting better of course) than getting fat globs of mucus out of their nasal passages.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love the slurp of a fat glob getting sucked into the nasal aspirator.

Currently attempting to find the best nasal aspirator. Journey so far:

  • Blue nasal aspirator from the hospital – it did its job on a basic level. It was convenient since I honestly didn’t expect to need something like this so soon so it was all I had and did its job. It wasn’t anything special.
  • Little remedies nasal aspirator – this one came with a whole thing of saline drops I got to help my little guy. I personal prefer this right now because the tip is clear so you can actually see what you are getting. I kinda wish the whole bulb was clear but… Anyways I also find that it’s a little on the suckier side and gets the job done quicker which is nice since the boys aren’t a big fan of the whole ordeal.
  • Nose Frida + saline solution, specifically Boogie Mist – so far this is my favorite combo. I start with the saline, then I’ll let one do tummy time while I change one. Then I’ll switch. When I’m done with this I’ll start up with the NF on one baby, then I switch and do this about 3 times per baby. Only thing is, you gotta clean the NF way more than a bulb, and I mean this when I say that. Trust me, if you don’t, every time you suck it tastes funny. Over all though this has yielded the best result. Sometimes I’ll use the bulb before the last round of suction and that seems to really help get the stuff deep down out. Overall though I love this combo and totally recommend.

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