Formulating simplicity

I always planned on breastfeeding my children, I never planned on having twins.

I’ve had these boys home for less than two months and my breastfeeding journey has already had tons of ups and downs. Mostly honestly, it’s been downs. My left boob seems to produce enough for one baby, but not for both and my right boob gave out about three weeks in. While I’ve been attempting to do everything I can to increase my production, (a whole post on that soon) I’ve been supplementing their feedings with formula.

Well, my boys eat a lot. They aren’t even two months old and often I find myself feeding them 8-10 ounces of milk each about every two hours, so I go through a lot of formula in a day, this means making lots of bottles. I however, like finding ways to do things in as fewbsteps as possible (Mr. Man would say I’m lazy which is probably true), so of course I had to find a way to cut steps out of the bottle making process therefore cutting down the time I spend making them as well.

My solution: pre making a bunch of formula for the day.

Formula is good for up to 24 hours if refrigerated, so I figured why not just make 32 ounces of formula in advanced!?

I personally use a 40oz pour top bpa free water bottle, I fill it up to the 32oz line with water, measure out the formula in bowl, and then dump it in using a funnel, and shake vigorously.

Reasons why I don’t just dump it into the container one scoop at a time? Because, from experience, it ends up causing some slight clumping of the formula and no one wants that. It’s better to get it all in there as quickly as possible and shake as quickly as possible to avoid the clumping issue.

Overall this saves me some time during the day because all I have to do is grab the bottle from the fridge, pour it into a bottle, and throw that bottle into the bottle warmer. No more having to measure out formula every time I want to make a bottle.

It’s especially nice at night because it’s easy and quick and since my boys will eat a cold bottle, it means less time for me trying to either navigate a pitch black kitchen or my eyes shriveling from the bright kitchen light.

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